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Friday, September 10, 2010

Cash Gopher... Earning money doing Nothing.. Is it for real? YES

The makers of myLot have provided us with another way to earn some cash. Only this is the easiest way I have ever made money. This new way is via a software they created that you download. It takes about a minute, set up your name and paypal info (so they know where to send your money), and that's it. You just carry on as usual and let your computer work for you.

Here's some of their FAQ's if you have any questions or concerns..
Frequently Asked Questions

What is CashGopher and how does it work?

CashGopher is a website that empowers users to "let your computer work for you" and earn money by installing our downloadable software.

CashGopher is extremely simple to use. You download and install the software, use your computer as you normally would, and make money while doing nothing.

This probably sounds too good to be true, right? Well, here's the catch.

While your computer is otherwise idle, CashGopher will at times perform various online "chores" and send the results of those chores back to the "Mother Gopher", if you will. Think of the Mother Gopher as a huge computer that stores the results of all the chores performed by all of the CashGophers running around the world.

Companies are willing to pay us for the right to harness the vast computing power that CashGopher provides, and we, in turn, pay a portion of that money to each of you.

Are you starting to see how this could work???

In addition, advertisers are willing to pay us for the right to serve targeted advertisements to everybody who's running the CashGopher software. You see advertisements all the time while browsing the internet, right? Websites make billions of dollars a year serving you advertisements, and you get nothing in return. We figured you might want a piece of that pie. So we, in turn, pay a portion of our advertising revenues back to you.

All of your earnings are collected in your CashGopher account. In general, the more you leave your computer powered on and hooked up to the internet (the CashGopher needs to talk to the Mother Gopher, after all) and the more you use the internet yourself, the more money you will see accumulate in your CashGopher account. Simply login at with your email address and password that you chose upon installation to see your earnings.

Once you have accumulated at least $10 in your CashGopher account, you are eligible to receive your account balance paid out via Paypal.

It's that simple!

Exactly what kind of "chores" will CashGopher be using my computer to perform? Anything illegal?

Of course not!

The actual chores being performed will depend on many factors including each user's geographical location, processing power and internet connection speed, time of day, and demand from our clients. One example is called "website uptime monitoring." Many webmasters like to know if their websites are accessible from different parts of the world at any given time. The distributed computing power of CashGopher make projects like this possible.

Will the CashGopher chores slow down my computer?

Since CashGopher chores are only performed when your computer is otherwise idle but still connected to the internet, you shouldn't notice any difference whatsoever. If you notice any issues, please report them to us in our Help section. It's also easy to uninstall CashGopher via your computer's control panel if you no longer want it installed.

How do I know that I will actually be paid?

CashGopher was created by the same people who created myLot (, the internet's premier destination for making money while contributing to discussions online. myLot has a flawless reputation with on-time monthly payments each and every month since myLot was created way back in April, 2005. You can expect the same payment reliability with CashGopher.

I also have a myLot account, will you combine my CashGopher earnings with my myLot earnings?

No, earnings from CashGopher and myLot are separate. If you've never heard of myLot, we suggest you check it out ( as another great way to earn money online!

How much money can I make with CashGopher?

You're probably not going to get rich with CashGopher, but you can definitely earn enough to make it worth your while. The amount you make from CashGopher's workload is directly related to how much we can make from advertisers and companies paying for "chores" for the CashGophers to work on. It also depends on your computer, your own usage habits, and where you're located in the world (since most of our advertisers are based in the United States, users located here will usually see higher earnings.)

So amounts will vary, but to answer the question, users running CashGopher for a full year could expect to make more than $10 and less than $1,000. It should be somewhere in between.

However, for those of you willing to put in a little work, there's a way to make substantially more than this by helping us promote CashGopher by referring other users. See the next question for details.

So I have earned money, now how do I get paid?

We pay users with minimum accumulated earnings of $10 on a monthly basis on or around the 15th of the month. This payment will be for the preceding calendar month.

If your accumulated earnings do not amount to $10 in any given month we carry forward all unpaid earnings from previous months until such time that your accumulated earnings exceed $10. Once you reach $10 you will be eligible for payment.

All payments will be in US dollars and made via PayPal. At this time we only offer payments to PayPal countries where you can withdraw to a local bank account or via check. Click here for a list of countries we can pay. Also, the US government limits the countries we can pay to. If big brother says we can’t pay you, then we can’t. Click here for a list of countries where OFAC prohibits us from sending money. If your country is on this list, sorry, we can’t pay you or we go to jail. Entering false country information for the purpose of avoiding the OFAC list is grounds for immediate account termination with a loss of all accumulated earnings.

A couple last thoughts on earnings. First, any fees incurred in the payment process (i.e. currency translation fees, bank fees, credit card fees, PayPal fees, etc.) are your responsibility. Second, any payments from us may or may not be taxable to you. If you have questions please consult with a tax specialist in your country.

I heard I can make a LOT more money with CashGopher by referring new users through your affiliate program. How does this work?

Installing and running the CashGopher software may not make you rich by itself, but participating and succeeding in our affiliate program very well could. So if you're willing to put in some hard work to turbo-charge your CashGopher earnings, then please keep reading!

Simply put, the more people we can get to install the CashGopher software, the more money we will make. So we're willing to pay YOU for each new user who installs CashGopher that you refer to us. Each CashGopher user is given a special link to email to friends and family, post on your blog, post in your Facebook account, etc. Anybody who installs CashGopher after clicking on your special link will be credited as your "referral". You will earn 25% of what each of your referrals make via CashGopher usage for a full year after they install the software. These "referral earnings" will be reported as a separate line item in your CashGopher account.

Once you've installed our software and created a CashGopher account, simply login to your account to get your special link.

How much money can I make promoting CashGopher through the affiliate program?

The sky is the limit on this one. It all depends on how hard you're willing to work. The more users you refer to us, the more money you will make. Some affiliates are making thousands of dollars each month.

Better yet, CashGopher is actually fairly easy to promote since there's nothing for users to buy or really do besides install the software.

Is the CashGopher affiliate program a pyramid scheme?

Absolutely not. CashGopher is a standard affiliate program with a revenue share model. See for more information on affiliate marketing.

I referred a bunch of people, but I'm not seeing any income. Why not?

We update income daily, and the people you referred must have generated income for you to receive a portion of it.

Can I install this on multiple computers to make even more money?

Absolutely! Go to the computer you want to add, login to your account and click "Software" on the left-hand menu. From there, you'll see a link to install the program.

I don't have Windows, I have Mac/Linux, can I still use CashGopher?

Currently, we don't support Mac OS or versions of Linux with CashGopher. If this changes, we'll be sure to let you all know.

How do I know if the program installed? I don't see it on the programs list!

You'll know that CashGopher is installed if you see the Gopher face in your Windows Taskbar. You can also check in your Control Panel: Add/Remove Programs (XP) / Programs and Features (Vista/7) to see if it is listed there.

My antivirus program says this program is a threat! Are you going to infect my computer?

No, of course not. Many antivirus programs specifically look for a program's ability to send data across the web, like what we're doing with our "chores" but rest assured that we're not doing anything malicious with your data. Here's a link to our Privacy Policy. To get around it stopping your installation, disable your antivirus temporarily, install the program, and then re-enable your antivirus.

Windows is prompting me with a security box before I install, is the program dangerous?

Again, no, this is just a built-in security feature of Windows Vista and Windows 7 called User Account Control which alerts you anytime a program is making a change to your machine (like when you install any program). Clicking "Yes" will allow CashGopher to install.

Is CashGopher a pay-to-click or pay-to-surf program?

Definitely not. Just browse the internet and use your computer as you normally would.

Will I make more money by clicking on a bunch of ads?

No. Just browse the internet and use your computer as you normally would.

What kind of advertisements will I see?
CashGopher ads will often appear in the same location of ads you would normally be seeing anyway. Much like popular ad-blocker software allows you to see no ads at all, the CashGopher software will substitute normal ads that pay you nothing with ads that help earn money for CashGopher users.

You will also see text link ads that often appear when hovering over certain text links.

From time to time you will see advertisements appear in a new browser window as a pop-under. We strive to keep these advertisements as unobtrusive as possible, while still accomplishing our goal of generating targeted advertising revenue that we can share with CashGopher users.

Finally, there is a neat price-comparison feature that may appear when you're shopping online that will help you find potentially better deals for the same product at other online retailers.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010